1. Arjun is a computer scientist who likes reading about economics.

    Ristret is an experimental blog platform that I wrote, partly to learn about CMSes, partly to write database queries, and partly because I needed to fulfill my urge to write more.

    I combined all those desires in one giant procrastination project.

    I currently live in Brooklyn. I work on an artisanal, hand-crafted, open-source database. I also have a Twitter, where I mostly retweet market-urbanist propaganda and Dan Wang. In a previous life, I was a PhD student in computer science at the University of Pennsylvania. I wrote a PhD thesis on distributed differentially privacy. By the time I finished, I learned that I didn’t really care much for security or privacy, but had come away with lots of strong opinions about distributed databases and large scale dataflow execution. I now put those opinions to socially productive use in building CockroachDB.

    If those opinions don’t sound terribly interesting, well, I also have other less productive ones, mostly to do with finance and economics and venture capital.